` No more war! No more Fascism! No more relegation!


Celtic fans show solidarity with Palestine in Iceland yesterday


No Football for Fascists!


The Rio the World Cup didn't show

Another memorable moment, and boy is it a good shot … by the photographer I mean, not by Holland’s Frank Rijkaard, the player doing the spitting. I just like how oblivious Germany’s Rudi Voller is to what is about to hit him

There’s something wonderfully innocent about this shot of Portugal’s Eusebio as he gives an impromptu pitch-side interview in 1966. It wouldn’t happen in a million years nowadays.


Clapton FC and West Ham United at @FocusE15 demo for social housing not social cleansing. 

Mauricio Pinillia is not about to forget about how how close he came to bringing his team a stunning World Cup victory over Brazil. That’s because the Chilean striker went ahead and got a picture of his golazo-that-wasn’t tattooed on his body after the match. Some old guy must have said something vaguely meaningful about “running towards the pain” to him at some point. The tattoo also features the words “one centimeter from glory” underneath the image of the ball clanging off the crossbar


I demand context….

edwardo galeano